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Episode 52 "You got 'The Sin?'"

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

So it’s December 1983 in Melbourne Australia and 3XY on the AM dial puts out the most unbelievable, hook-laden, catchy, funky, memorable 5-minute tune to ever hit my 13-year-old ears.

Who was this?

What was this?

What had I just heard, please Mr. DJ tell me at the end of the song and please, please, please don’t go to an ad! Bad luck as they immediately go to a Coco Pops jingle commercial. Eager but somewhat frightened that this propulsive and new favorite song may never be heard again, I feared these dulcet tones may be lost forever.

No Shazam App, no internet to track the song down online, and no helpful DJ to ease my concerns, all seems lost. Alas, they come back from the ads and announce the song, announce the band, and through sheer weight of caller demand to the station play the song again. With Aussie pride and fervo

r, the DJ says folks: “this is Original Sin by the mighty INXS”! My life was complete.

And so became my total emotional investment to these soon-to-be national treasures.

So tonight, we examine 5 minutes and 19 seconds that changed mine and the lives of many. Every vocal, every sigh, every guitar riff, and every cry shall be broken down.

Listener Warning: this shall take longer than 5 minutes and 19 seconds. Celebrate!

Cheers Haydn.

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