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Episode #42 Magnum Optiz, With Special guest Mark optiz

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

“Sophisto Punk” you say Mr Opitz? A phrase born out from the early days recording The Angels at Alberts. More than just a pun or fancy combining of nouns and adjectives. It represented a sound, a mood and a standard that artists working with Mark would embrace.

It’s his musical DNA that would elicit such great relationships with bands like INXS, Cold Chisel, The Models and AC/DC to name but a few. If Ted Albert and Vanda & Young were The Godfather’s of an emerging Australian music scene, Mark Opitz was proof of their legacy. #inxs #inxsmusic #inxsfans #bobdylan #acdc #kissarmy

So lounge back and digest Part 2 of this deep dive into the legend that is Mark Opitz. Oh yeah speaking of The Godfather here’s hoping this sequel episode is better

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