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Episode 163: Mark Pope Interview, part one

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

They say behind every great band, there is a great team, and this is definitely the case with INXS. The world knows about the profound influence Chris Murphy had on the band becoming an international juggernaut.

What is less known is the immense workload and influence that Mark Pope had on supporting and creating an infrastructure and pathway to allow INXS to do what they do best: play live and thrive!

Recruited by Chris Murphy in the late 1970’s, Mark cut his teeth looking after luminary Aussie acts such as The Angels and Cold Chisel. With obvious passion and dedication, he aligned with Chris to create the legendary Australian Made Concert series over the Summer of 1986/87 in all capital cities.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Mark managed Jimmy Barnes, headed up the ARIA Awards Hall of Fame committee, resuscitated Warner’s Australia in the 1990’s and in recent times set up Helium Records.

In a modern world where streaming, corporate suits and cliché recording productions reign with often soulless results, Mark Pope is a true linchpin of what’s great about INXS and Australian music heritage.

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