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Episode 159: INXS Day with Ollie Olsen Interview

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

August 16th, 1977, was a pivotal day in world music as one legend Elvis Presley passed, whilst another was born: with 6 guys from the Northern Beaches of Sydney playing their first-ever gig as the Farriss Brothers!

So, this episode is a special one where, in fan engagement, we acknowledge and highlight this fantastic 46-year anniversary; but, in the topic today, we help out a dear friend to Michael & Richard Lowenstein, the brilliant Ollie Olsen, with both a “record auction” and a “CD EP raffle” for the signed 2023 versions of “Rooms for the Memory”.

In addition, we are pleased to share Jane Gazzo from Australian Music Vaults’ fantastic deep-dive interview with Ollie Olsen, a discussion that showcases the early days, his affinity with electronica and those special days working with Michael Hutchence.

As Ollie is suffering from Multiple System Atrophy, a rare, terminal disease similar to Parkinson’s, we hope and trust the INXS community shall dig deep with these two special fundraising items. With 100% of all monies raised going to support Ollie, let’s show the music world just how important Ollie is and was to Michael Hutchence’s musical legacy.

Love and Peace ✌️

Click here to buy a Raffle Ticket.

Clink to watch the interview with Jane in full via YouTube

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Great episode with one of Michael's collaborators and a good friend.

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