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Episode 150: Ollie Olsen’s Manager Bruce Butler, Part 2

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Having unearthed some first-to-be-heard gems regarding Michael, MAX Q and Ollie Olsen, part 2 of our Bruce Butler interview shares more updates and provides legacy to an important musical partnership: a union that combined Ollie’s avant garde with Michael’s pop sensibilities.

Bruce shares wonderful anecdotes about a young Andrew Farriss’ insatiable appetite to absorb and borrow from his 10,000-deep record collection in his younger years, plus Bruce’s forays into music television production, with an interesting story about a newly single Andrew Ridgely, post-Wham!

Forever erudite and passionate, Bruce showcases all that is wonderful and fascinating about the 1980’s and 90’s, pre-internet and social media, when live concerts, rock music and superstar icons deserved the title and accolades based on their “talent”, NOT the “clicks”.

So, buckle up and enjoy our “sesquicentennial episode”!

✌️ Love and Peace


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LOVED these 2 episodes - so much rich Australian music history is being unearthed through this podcast - thank you Haydn & Bee. 💗

Me gusta

04 jun 2023

Love these last 2 episodes! I am really hoping that the new 4-track EP will be available to stream on i-tunes as well. I've been listening to the Max Q album a lot with "Buckethead" on repeat. Thanks Haydn and Bee. And thanks to everyone who helps make this podcast just magic! 😍

Me gusta
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