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Episode 143: Elegantly Wasted Reviews REVIEWED!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

As we wrap up our 5-episode deep dive on Elegantly Wasted, we take the unique step of going back to 1997 and beyond and assess the album reviews. Often critical and commercial success are mutually exclusive; however, we place a lens on which reviews actually review the songs and which are only interested in the theatrics that surrounded Michael during this turbulent period.

Bee and I literally read out over 15 reviews, with many favorable in their assessment of the album and some less so. It’s rare to hold reviewers and critics to account, and it was fascinating seeing how peripheral some of these “self-proclaimed” know-it-alls failed in the core task of examining the songs vs the optics.

Nineteen ninety-seven was a tragic year for the band with Michael’s passing. But, as Tim Peacock from Undercover Music so eloquently explains in his April 2022 re-review some 25 years later, we now have clean air to appreciate and view the songs for what they were: lyrically potent, musically challenging and melodically excellent.

So, buckle up as we put to rest INXS’ last studio album as an original six piece, “Elegantly Wasted”—which was “Better than Oasis”!

Love and Peace ✌️

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