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Episode 134: Danny Saber Part 2 with Special Host Nick Egan

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Welcome back, patrons, regular listeners, and INXS sycophants, to 2023!!! INXS Access All Areas promises to deliver more quality content this year, and we’re excited to “KICK” off the year with Part 2 of Bee's deep dive with famed music producer Danny Saber, featuring Nick Egan on co-hosting duties. Danny is the genius who put the parts and pieces together for Michael Hutchence’s posthumous solo album in 1999.

So buckle in, grab a beverage, put the headphones on, and relax with INXS Access All Areas.

Love and peace ✌️


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Great interview! Danny is very honest and open about his relationship with Michael and other situations. I can understand why some people were upset about the Rockstar documentary project. The band members (and Michael's oldest friends) were not given the opportunity to have their voice heard regarding their beloved Michael. You have to understand how hurtful it may have been for them. What is done is done and forgiveness should be in order. FYI, in defense of Andrew Farriss and the mini-series, Michael did write the lyrics very fast (within 15 minutes) for Need You Tonight. Andrew gave a short interview just recently about it via the INXS Facebook Page in October of last year.

I did learn something interesting…


Jimmy Page's birthday is on January 9th. So is Richard Nixon's. 😜

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