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Episode 128: Jon Farriss Interview Part Three

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

As Bee and I come to the close of our Jon Farris trilogy, we are excited to explore his art, musicianship and strong bond that he held with the road crew throughout those touring years. Proud as ever to have touring crews that were the envy of all international acts, Jon humbly showcases that he saw his role in the band as more than just a drummer.

We also drag out of the archives after a great rest Pleasure and Pain, with Bee having first crack regarding the year that was 1996! The year that saw the Olympics hit Atlanta, Tickle Me Elmo toys go ballistic and the Internet soar to new record levels!

A jam-packed news section, an auction update, two new patrons, and a very sneaky special announcement regarding a guest at the end of the tribute song round out this episode. So, sit back and get your dose of the only comprehensive A-Z INXS podcast on the planet.

Love and peace ✌️ Haydn

To find out how to become a patron and help this podcast keep going, check out this link below. ON 22nd NOVEMBER 2022: MAKE ENOUGH TIME FOR MICHAEL HUTCHENCE & INXS. 22nd November marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of Michael Hutchence. To mark this date, we would like radio stations around the world to focus on the one thing he would have wanted; his music. His legacy. During his lifetime, one song which didn’t achieve the recognition it richly deserves was Not Enough Time from INXS’ overlooked masterpiece Welcome To Wherever You Are, itself celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. With its RnB inflected groove, soulful vocal and an incredible band performance leading to an uplifting crescendo, Not Enough Time is the perfect song for radio and we’re urging all radio stations across the world to play this song for Michael today. Listen for yourself here: Watch the amazing video here: Please MAKE TIME STOP for Michael Hutchence. ON 22nd NOVEMBER 2022 Please share and spread the word!!!!

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