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Episode 125: The Great INXS Debate FOR 1987–1997

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Ok, INXS progressives! It’s now time to argue your case for the truly global years of 1987-1997 with strong opinions, facts, anecdotes, and passion as to why this era truly resonates with you.

We are pleased to invite long-term contributors such as Chicago’s finest Laurie Alfaro, Aussie Regional outback hotelier Darren Jones, and our Queen of the INXS Fandom Mary Woods to state their case with no fear or favour.

With the chance to rebut and rebuke last week’s episode debaters, the team surely gives a great fist of things along with Glenn Hoffman, who tweets a War & Peace riposte to those so-called “regressive fans”!

Anyway, all is discussed with total INXS love and no nasty cancel culture put-downs, and sets us up nicely as we enter the latter years of our INXS deep-dive narrative.

Love and peace ✌️ Haydn

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