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Episode 122: An Interview with Nick Launay (part 2)

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

We continue with the Fabulous Nick Launay this week with part 2 of his personal INXS account.

Nick talks about the production of The Swing and goes through each song. We find out about famous backing singers and he enlightens us further with his impressive knowledge of working in the music industry. What a fanatic guest! This is one not to miss for the INXS fans.

Bee and Haydn will be back to do a regular show next week. Bee was taking a big break to travel to the center of Australia and back and coming back with fun INXS stories to tell you all. We will be back with more updated news and more then. Check out all social media via our website to keep up to date.

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Peace and Love from Bee & Haydn

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