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Epi 77: Welcome Album Review Part 2, with Andrew and Mark

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Bee and I are privileged again to have access to the musical genius of Andrew Farriss and Mark Opitz. With Welcome to Wherever You Are in 1992 being the main discussion point again, we’re excited in part 2 to get into the tracks on side A .

With part one having more joyous story tangents than Back to the Future 2, both Andrew and Mark dive deep into the musical excellence of Questions, Heaven Sent, Communication, Taste it, Not Enough Time and All Around.

You’ll get to immerse yourself in the true history of how this seminal album was recorded with this episode chock full of insights, anecdotes and recording technique discussions. Additionally, we hear how Andrew and Michael united more than ever on the lyrical content of the songs. Plus, there are rumours that a “standing ovation” allegedly occurs in the middle of the podcast.

So do yourself a favour and block out all the white noise and “forget about the problems in your life” and enjoy Part 2 with Andrew and Mark.

Love and Peace


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1 Comment

I have no idea if this can go any better. What i know for sure is that it's very close to any fan's dream of being really close to everything the band did. Loving the insights of Andrew and Mark, and the clever and spot on questions of Haydn and Bee. The way it ends with Andrew saying "it was our decision" it's just like a season finale of your favourite show and you just want more. Looking forward to part 3. Hopefully you can do the same next year for Full moon, dirty hearts. Keep up the excellent wor.

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