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OUT NOW!!! Episode 70: Kirk Pengilly Interview Part 1

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

It’s with true joy that Bee and I welcome the inimitable Kirk Pengilly to INXS: Access All Areas for what truly is a deep dive into INXS’ hardest working and versatile band member. Erudite, articulate and with a faultless memory for detail, listeners shall be in-store for a unique trip down memory lane.

With no topics off-limit, Kirk recounts those critical early days where he moved interstate and skipped a grade thus famously meeting Tim Farriss in science class. A sliding doors moment that led to millions of peoples lives changing globally with the seeds of INXS born.

Forever humble and gracious, we do reveal his iconic status in our very own “media wars” series and he naturally was a good sport about it all. So sit back, flick the Back to the Future and Oceans 11,12,13 trilogy and prepare for the first of our own “Kirk Trilogy”!!

Love and peace.


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