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76. Welcome To The Podcast Andrew Farriss, and Mark Opitz

This memorable episode by songwriting royalty Andrew Farriss. The “Brian Wilson” of INXS, Andrew simply carved out an iconic catalogue of melodies, tunes, and hooks that have stood the test for over 40 years.

Honorary patron and Australia’s greatest Producer Mark Opitz joins us too as we unpack each song from “Welcome to Wherever You Are”. Deep insights, anecdotes, and thoughts are fully explained as Andrew graciously diverts discussion into numerous INXS tangents and experiences that simply were spellbinding!

As always Mark pieced together some fantastic insights into the entire recording experience and why he rates the album the greatest accomplishment and period of his 50-year career.

With over 4 hours of content to enjoy, sit back and set your Podcast alerts to INXS: Access all Areas as we dive deep with these musical giants over the next 3 weeks. To become a Patron/ subscriber check out our different levels and see which one suits you. Check out our website for all the good stuff... Please sign the petition at to help get INXS nominated into the ROCK & ROLL HALL of FAME, where they belong. The new episode drops on Sunday, 31 October. INXS Access All Areas is available on Podbean, iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, and Amazon Music.

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1 Comment

A dream come true to so many fans i'm sure. I can't wait to listen to part 2 and 3. Thank you Andrew, Mark and the rock stars Bee and Haydn!!

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