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R.I.P Michael Hutchence 22/11/1997

Updated: Nov 27, 2023


Thumbnail picture for Episode 168 of the INXS Access All Areas Podcast. This is an image of Michael Hutchence. This episode talks about what happened on the days in November1997 that lead up to his untimely passing on November 22, 1997.
Thumbnail picture for Episode 168 of the INXS Access All Areas Podcast

It’s that unfortunate time of the year where we pause, commiserate and commemorate the passing of Michael Kelland Hutchence. Iconic singer, loyal band mate, friend, father and idol to many.

Unlike other years, our anthology podcast has caught up with the 1997 period and as difficult as it is for us and our loyal listeners, we need to recount the events that preceded and proceeded that fateful day.

We do so with compassion, earnestness, regret and heartfelt sadness, but importantly stay on point with facts not solacious innuendo or clickbait. Importantly, we release this episode on the exact day some 26 years later and hope that talking about Michael’s loss does some good for those struggling to reconcile this tragic event.

There weren’t many men's support initiatives or mental health awareness and wellbeing programs back in 1997. So we hope that for anyone struggling in their own day to day world, you seek the necessary assistance.

Love and Peace

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1 comentario

Poignant and honest, frank and raw, flawless and touching are a few of the adjectives that I can use to describe this week's podcast. This tribute was probably one of the most difficult podcasts that you had to do as it examined the whole drama around Michael's passing. Haydn I am glad that you were able to be there and experience the funeral firsthand. The sadness that I felt listening was deep. When someone takes his or her own life, there are certainly lots of questions for the survivors. Michael's passing left a hole in the hearts of millions but especially to those closest to him. May Michael rest in peace and eternal be his memory.

Me gusta
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