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Episode 161: Keeping the Music Alive!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

November 11th, 2012, otherwise known as Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth countries, was the last time INXS performed live. Bowing out in their hometown of Perth, it was with much regret and sorrow that INXS, the live touring entity, was no longer.

That aside, after thousands of electrifying performances across the globe over 35 years, INXS has inspired countless tribute acts in America, Argentina, Brazil, England, Russia, and their homeland of Australia—each with a united desire to keep these epic songs alive for past and current generations to enjoy on nights out with friends and loved ones (pardon the pun)!

It’s not easy covering such an iconic band insofar as balancing the craft of imitation, acknowledgement and expertise with spontaneity, experimentation and individuality when performing INXS songs. However, many of these wonderful acts do so with great panache and style, creating pure joy to the earballs and eyeballs (hello ladies).

Today we get to check in with longtime lead singer of INXSIVE (Melbourne) David Graham, plus Don’t Change Ultimate INXS’s Blair Dwyer, who both articulate tremendously the art of paying homage without bordering on twee or cringe.

So, in a world where the real INXS no longer tour, we are thankful to all the tribute acts globally who put themselves out there with true passion and heart!

If you want to know more check out our website and the page on INXS Tribute Bands.

Love and Peace ✌️

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