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Episode 147: Our 3rd Birthday Celebration

Updated: May 10, 2023

"It’s with great delight we welcome you “to the party, calling all nations” for INXS Access All Areas’ 3rd birthday extravaganza with five special patron guests from around the globe.

With guests from Norway, England and Australia, Bee and I have the pleasure of hearing personal INXS origin fan stories, their connection to our podcast episodes, plus INXS projects many are working on themselves.

We find everyone reveling in the joy of being INXS sycophants with plenty of laughter and joy thrown in, with a random INXS quiz added in by passionate Melbourne patron Mark Bartlett.

So, for a slightly different episode and format upon us, open your favourite beverage and “click cheers” with us as we celebrate the journey and the future of INXS Access all Areas.

Love and peace ✌️


P.S Good Luck to all the bidders!

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Cheers to a great podcast about a great band!

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