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Episode 145: INXS Burst Their Own Bubble

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

With 30 years upon us since April 1993, it harks back to an anniversary period where INXS no longer felt controlled by the record company and commercial management interference. Thus, they embarked on one of the more daring and “punk style” initiatives.

With Welcome to Wherever You Are barely seven months old, and with a plethora of new material from the Full Moon, Dirty Hearts recording sessions, INXS commenced a scaled-back, stripped-down and back-to-basics tour of clubs, pubs, and Universities in Australia and then Europe.

Jumping off the cliché humdrum of album, world stadium tour, and promo press junkets, the band was excited to get back to basics: record more, tour less, and enjoy the purity of making vital music together.

So, for the critics who saw smaller venues as a sign of a band’s popularity waning: dig a little deeper and you’ll find them recapturing artistic freedom and bursting the bubble of external industry expectations by “doing it their way”!

Love and Peace ✌️

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