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Episode 141: Elegantly Wasted Recording Engineer Mike Plotnikoff, Part 1

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The guests keep coming, with Bee and me proud to welcome legendary recording engineer Mike Plotnikoff to the INXS Access all Areas Podcast. Having paired up in his formative years with famed producer Bruce Fairbairn, he was half of the Canadian duo responsible for some of the biggest-selling records of the 1990s by acts including

AC/DC, Aerosmith, and the Cranberries.

Come 1997, both Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence reached out to Bruce and Mike, having put together a wealth of strong material and demos via an extended songwriting session in London where Michael had the best and most honest lyrics of his career.

In the first of our two-part series, Mike opens up on the recording process of Elegantly Wasted with huge respect for the professionalism, talent levels, and preparation of Andrew and Michael. Feeling Michael’s rock-star aura and swagger, Mike shares great insights into how great INXS were to work with whilst providing never before seen photos of Michael and the band, both in the studio as well as Spain where recording duties extended.

This and a whole lot more! So, sit back and remember an important time and place where Michael’s last musical contribution started and lives on today.

Love and Peace ✌️

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Angela Lawlor
Angela Lawlor
Mar 13, 2023

Another awesome episode from these two. I was hanging on Mike’s every word. What a humble, talented guy.


Mar 12, 2023

I really loved this episode and Mike Plotnikoff is awesome. I really love the way he speaks, so honest, frank and authentic. Elegantly Wasted the single was played all the time on Canadian radio and was a huge hit as I recall. I love this whole album and all the tracks. It is solid and is so diverse musically and lyrically. I can't wait to hear part two of the episode and to see those secret pics he has of the recording session!

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