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Episode 82: Jon Farriss; A Special Relationship.

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

In this modern world where times have been tougher than ever “true friendships” are golden. So today we celebrate the enduring relationship between Jon Farriss and Britain’s Simon Yeo whose lives cross paths in the early 1990’s and has stood the test of time and distance!

Simon Yeo was a Merchandising Manager with Polydor Music and got acquainted with the entire band through this role. A chance follow up meeting with Jon through mutual friends in Hong Kong sowed the seeds for a life time connection that saw him become Simon’s best man at his wedding, play live at his 50th birthday with other INXS members and go on tour through the USA on the Elegantly Wasted Tour.

Simon never betrays the confidences of Jon and the band’s inner secrets however does delve deep on numerous fascinating anecdotes such as a dangerous night out with mobsters, the struggles that Michael seemed to be dealing with late in his life and the distinct lack of record support for INXS’ Elegantly Wasted release vs their sycophantic love for U2’s miserable nadir album release the same year POP.

Forever erudite and full of love and admiration for INXS’ globe-trotting ways, Simon went from a passing interest in the band to a fully fledged appreciator of what it took for them to climb to international fame and the resultant toll it took out of each band member.

As always, Access all Areas tries to take you back in time to a place with people we love and provide a retrospective understanding of what took place at the time good, bad or ugly. We thank Simon Yeo immensely for his honesty, insights and passion in recounting an era once lived but a “special relationship” that endures.

Love and Peace

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