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Episode #45 The X Album Part 2 with Nick Egan

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

We’re back with the Album X!

The 10,000,000 selling follow up to the iconic Kick.

With INXS finally conquering the fickle UK market and the wider European countries, we delve deep into the stats such as chart positions, singles released, film clips, awards garnered and all the anecdotes that made X the second biggest commercial success of their career.

Importantly, did the album achieve the artistic levels of past releases, does the production hold up 30 years later and how does the INXS fan community regard this album in their fandom and hearts.

Grab your headphones, pods and crank up the volume and listen in via when we hit all of our major social media platforms this Sunday, to the songs and aspects of album X!

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