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Episode 61 The NEW Album 'Original sin:The Seven Sins" Review

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

For the very first time since we launched INXS: Access all Areas, we get to review a new INXS release in contemporary times.

Despite being songs derived from their back catalogue, the new soundtrack Original Sin: The Seven Sins is an adventurous 13 song release. It provides listeners with 9 modern cover versions of timeless tracks whilst drawing on 4 songs from prior albums.

So Bee and I take on the unique task of reviewing each track on its own merits whilst also giving due consideration as to how they shape the narrative of the movie to which they’re a companion piece.

As always Bee and I shall approach this in two different ways with the usual difference of opinions forthcoming. We all appreciate and love the original versions of these songs, however, do yourself a favour and look to this album as a celebration and modern day complement to the greatness of INXS and as the guy from Wham once said: “Listen Without Prejudice”!

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I enjoyed listening to the different takes on INXS original songs. The songs serve as an inspiration to many and hopefully a new generation globally.


Danyelle K Rainer
Danyelle K Rainer

Great episode! Glad to hear different versions of their music, would love for this to be the start of a musical! ❤

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