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Episode 80:Thanksgiving 2021: INXS, An American Love Affair

Thanksgiving 2021: INXS, An American Love Affair

Outside their humble Australian origins, the USA was the first country to embrace the new wave dance/rock sensibilities of INXS. 1983 was a seminal year for the band as they toiled long and hard from coast to coast, imparting their immense live playing abilities for all to see.

With MTV taking off and “The One Thing” gaining a Top 30 position on the famed Billboard Hot 100 charts, INXS were proving themselves to be more than a fad new-wave band. Blowing contemporaries off stage (hello Adam Ant), INXS set the tone as a blistering live act but with a versatility that would soon realize itself.

As the decade rounded out, INXS would go onto be the biggest band on the planet with multi-platinum album accreditation’s for The Swing, Listen Like Thieves and the game-changing Kick. Awards followed, tours were sold out and acclaim from the critics/publications like Rolling Stone ensued.

Come the 1990’s, the band released more commercially triumphant albums such as the multi-million seller X, then Live Baby Live and Welcome to Wherever You Are, albeit slightly less popular than their predecessor albums. With Rock Star: INXS giving the band a second jump into the USA consciousness, the band shared their biggest hit for 15 years in “Pretty Vegas” going Gold (500,000 copies).

As Bee and I reminisce with our dive deep episode from last Thanksgiving, INXS would truly like to thank all American fans who gave the band that early career impetus to springboard them into the northern hemisphere consciousness.

So, sit back with a belly full of turkey, eggnog, pecan pie, cranberry sauce and Budweiser beer and relax to the dulcet tones of INXS: Access all Areas American style!!!

Love and Peace Haydn

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