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Episode 60 Part 2 of The Wembley Concert, with special guests Mark Optiz & Cameron Adams.

Let the retrospective continue!

With July 13th, 1991 etched into every INXS fan's consciousness we continue the trip down memory lane in Part 2 of our Wembley Special.

With an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and joy experienced last week in our deep dive with Nick Egan and Mark Opitz, we are again joined by Cameron Adams (the number one Music Entertainment journo in Australia) tackling all and sundry on this, the most auspicious and memorable day of achievement for an Australian band on the world stage.

So close your eyes, picture yourself there through the words of our esteemed guests and enjoy musical bliss at its zenith! Peace!

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Live baby live! Stunning concert, stunning band!


Laurie Alfaro
Laurie Alfaro
Jul 21, 2021

Great episode, Haydn and Bee! Keep it up

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