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Episode 56 The Tim Farriss Interview

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Hey Bee, hey Haydn are we there yet? Well, guess what kids??? We have finally arrived. After 55 episodes in the vault, we gladly say the stakes have been raised with the one and only Tim Farriss joining the INXS: Access all Areas community.

We go way back to the early days when music found its way into his life, the inspirations that drove him to lead INXS from obscurity to superstardom. Tim is most revealing, generous, and passionate in sharing a plethora of experiences that we cannot wait for you to hear.

So kick back (pardon the pun) with a friend, family member, or mate and revel in the greatness of Tim W Farriss!

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Love this episode, love Timmy so much 💖xxxx


Laurie Alfaro
Laurie Alfaro
Jul 11, 2021

Little Jon sounds like he was a bit of a troublemaker as a kid

Replying to

LOL Laurie. You just cannot get enough of Jon, can you? 😁

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