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Episode #48 on Tour with Andrew Farriss

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Episode 48: “On Tour with Andrew Farriss”

It’s been years since Australia has seen the genius of Andrew Farriss hit the stages of Australia to share his genius songwriting skills. However that unenviable hiatus ends this week as Andrew takes to the stages in this post COVID-19 environment to debut live tracks from his debut album to enthusiastic Aussie fans, sprinkled with INXS classics! INXS: Access all Areas shall take you “ up, close and personal” to the Northern Beach pub venues where it all started 40+ years ago. So as always, buckle up, block out the world and come into the world of Andrew Farriss “live”!

Plus bringing you Bee’s 1992 Pleasure & Pain!

Follow the link to hear the episode

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It was great listening to Andrew's music live! He is a great musician and lyricist. Andrew diving into the country music world should not come of too much of a surprise. He is a music lover and seems to embody the spirit of telling stories, lots of stories. Bravo Andrew!


Apr 23, 2021

Nice going! Fun episode with the live report from Bee and having the Pleasure and Pain part back! Love that! And the message in between from Haydn says everything: it's all about the (INXS) music....❣️ Aloha!

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