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Episode #46 Fan Engagement

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

As we push to acknowledge the value of patrons in pushing INXS towards getting recognition within Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, we thought it was time to take a deep breath amidst the INXS fan community by embarking on our 5th international zoom chat series.

From the far reaches of the Netherlands, to the midlands of England to the garages of Kangaroo Valley in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales we listen, share and wax lyrical about these “Uber fans” connection with INXS, their favourite songs and just what they feel about the whole Rock n Roll Hall of Fame nomination process.

So grab a beverage or Easter egg, sit back and tune in with friends and enjoy episode 46: Fan Engagement!

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1 comentario

05 abr 2021
Thank you Haydn and Bee for letting me be a part of this fan engagement. Such a relaxed atmosphere, it was lots of fun, i've laughed a lot! It was nice to meet you and the other Patrons through the meeting and hear everyone's INXS story. I have a lot of respect for all the good work you put into the Podcast. Great how you edited this episode! INXS is the best (live) band ever and you ensure that the positive INXS vibes keep on going! Thanks so much! Love, Ella X
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