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Episode 68 The Swing and other stories with Philip Mortlock

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

“The Swing and other stories with Philip Mortlock”

After 67 episodes now completed, Bee and I were in for a treat with our latest guest Philip Mortlock.

Not only intrinsic in assisting INXS to leave the smaller independent label Deluxe that produced INXS’ first two albums, but Phillip’s massive expertise with other luminary bands such as Cold Chisel and Icehouse also paved the way for his artistic prowess to design The Swing, Dekadance and Listen Like Thieves album covers.

With clever themes and narratives highlighted on all of the singles, videos, and album covers/sleeves, Phillip was crucial in introducing the world to the timeless images and vistas that were INXS.

Having forged a career that included being a board member with A.R.I.A, producing the inspiring Alberts Documentary, and building the Origin Publishing Label, Philip has left an indelible footprint on the Australian entertainment industry.

So sit back and be taken back to a time and place that is most special to INXS fans. Peace and love!

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