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Episode 97: Song Deep Dive: Never Tear Us Apart

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

With the final INXS track in Song Week upon us, we culminate with Never Tear Us Apart, a track that has grown from a beautiful ballad to truly iconic status. Ensuring a fourth consecutive top 10 from album KICK, Never Tear Us Apart is an alternative sounding Fats Domino-inspired waltz transformed into a beautiful, lush orchestral masterpiece.

Soaring the charts globally, this ballad never wastes a note, lyric or moment, and still 35 years later produces spine tingles and heart flutters. Whether it’s Michael’s evocative lyrics and vocals or the sublime instrumentation by the band, this song truly comes to life in the city of Prague with Richard Lowenstein’s award-winning video.

Covered by numerous artists since its release including Joe Cocker, Tom Jones, Natalie Imbruglia and The Teskey Brothers, N.T.U.A. has transcended its origins with it now being the match day theme song for Port Adelaide Football Club, Michael’s funeral song, and the titular name of the band’s award-winning miniseries in 2014.

So sit back, grab a Kleenex and open your heart to this beautiful song.

Love and peace. ✌️


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