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Episode 66 INXS Album Cover Countdown

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Check the poll on our Fan Engagers page and be part of this weeks show. Closing date to vote is this Friday at midnight Sydney Timezone.

Episode 66: The Album Cover Countdown

This is a triple hamburger of an episode. Eat it in one go or take a few bites. Whatever you do enjoy!

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INXS has always taken great pride in their cover art, liner notes, and image shots for each album release. With icons of the industry like Nick Egan and Pierre Winther playing a huge part in capturing timely images, INXS were definitely image innovators.

So today it’s you, the INXS Podcast fans and wider fan community that get to vote for what album cover resonated with you then and now as we count down from 11 to 1, in the rank of the best INXS studio album cover/artwork.

We also continue our new segment “fun facts in music” with Bee whilst also hearing her long-overdue list of Pleasures and Pain from 1993. Oh yeah, I hear the volcano is about to erupt with a Mount Vesuvius type explosion of “The Rant” spilling over the airwaves.

That and a whole lot more as we get “our Kicks on Route 66” episode on the only weekly podcast dedicated to INXS.

Peace and love

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