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Episode 55 Live Baby Live with special guest Mark Opitz

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Another album deep dive, time again with a twist as we again welcome our Honoury Patron Mark Opitz, the Producer of the said album “Live Baby Live”.

A controversial release at the time in November 1991 with some critics questioning the validity of its “live credentials” Mark offers a frank and personal assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of this album. Hot on the heals of the Wembley Concert, time and the huge amount of work done meant that a simple Wembley album release was not logistically possible with Management keen to release something that took into all continents of the world insofar as INXS live performances were concerned.

We also examine the underrated new track “Shining Star” and how this shaped the follow-up recordings also done by Mark on Welcome to Wherever You Are.

So sit back and listen to the great Mark Opitz talk about a pivotal era in his INXS journey and contribution.

Epi # 55 Live Baby Live with special guest, Mark Opitz, please check it out.

Please sign the petition at to help get INXS nominated into the ROCK & ROLL HALL of FAME, where they belong.

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