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Episode 144: From AC/DC to INXS

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Michael Browning is a seminal giant in the Australian and worldwide music and entertainment business, having been at the forefront and emergence of two of the worlds biggest bands—namely AC/DC and INXS. Originating from the fast Melbourne music scene at only 19 years of age, Michael carved a pathway and stepping stone for others to emulate.

From his beginnings as a nightclub owner to talent booking agent, to band management, record label creator/owner, to author, Michael has seen and experienced a life many would envy. These days he consults and still passes on life and business lessons to new and emerging projects and acts.

But it’s this podcast that we compare and contrast the two careers of AC/DC and INXS within the lens of Michael Browning, who was the lifeline and managerial presence. It was he who gave these famous bands the very chance to rise from their humble beginnings of gigging, writing and recording to eventually conquer the globe.

With fascinating insights, anecdotes and stories from a time and place, sit back and embrace the Michael Browning story!

Love and Peace ✌️

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