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Episode 108: Fan Girls Talk About Michael Hutchence

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Last week, Haydn & Bee outlined the primal Michael Hutchence moments submitted by you, the fans. This week, Bee & the ladies of the INXS AAA Newsletter team had a little overnight get-together to dish on their favourite Primal Michael Moments. Danyelle, Laurie & Bee shared their thoughts with each other and gushed over Michael as only fan girls can. Add a bit of “liquid courage,” and the conversation turned a little spicy! 🍸🍹

So, bring your pillow and sleeping bag, and join us for this virtual slumber party as the Fan Girls Talk About Michael Hutchence! 

After you’ve heard the girls’ weighing in on all 21 Primal Michael Moments, don’t forget to visit  the web site and vote for your top choice!

Love and Peace ✌️


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This will be interesting😆

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Interesting is a tame word.

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