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178 Mark Pellington Part 2 'The Phone Call'

INXS: Access all Areas listeners were given a unique treat last week that being Part One of Mark Pellington whose industry credits go far beyond the Beautiful Girl video. Left with a cliffhanger as Mark escalated his frustration upon hearing INXS were not in fact, in the Rock Hall of Fame, we share in Part two’s deep dive what that phone call entailed!

Additionally, Mark opens up about how a personal family tragedy informed his artistic expression particularly in the year new millennium as he was increasingly chased by emerging artists such as The Fray, Keane, Kings of Leon, The Flaming Lips and The Dave Matthews Band.

We get to hear Mark’s interesting foray into acting much at the behest of iconic filmmaker Cameron Crowe (eg. Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous). Plus continued admiration for the musicianship and excellence of INXS and how working with true superstars such as Michael Hutchence and Bono affected Mark as a Director.

All that and a whole lot more as we for the rarest of times, welcome a secret third wheel to the hosting duties all the way from Ottawa Canada!

Love and Peace

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